BIRD BRAINS: Tourists Encourage World’s Deadliest Bird To Join Picnic

This is the moment tourists on an Australian beach unwittingly risk their lives when they encourage the world’s most lethal bird to join their picnic.

Holidaymaker Melania Fuentes – from Uraguay – even filmed the “cute” bird as it prowled around them on the sand.

In fact, the bird – a cassowary – is one of the deadliest creatures on the planet and could disembowel a human with a single kick.

Each of its inner toes conceals a four-inch-long razor-sharp claw that can deliver a fatal blow in a split second.

It was only when the video was posted on TikTok that others spotted the bird and identified that it became obvious how much danger they had been in.

In the footage, the six-foot-tall bird prowls around the edge of the picnic, edging closer to the food being shared by the holidaymakers.

Looking amused and relaxed, the group clearly has no idea how much danger they could be in.

Some birds become used to being fed by humans and can attack when they get nothing.

Recently an Australian farmer died when he was felled by a single kick from the flightless bird, which can leap 7ft into the air and sprint at more than 30mph.

A Cassowaries walks up to tourists at a beach in Queensland, Australia, undated. Uruguayan Meania Fuentes posted the videos of the encounter on TikTok, where the comments let her know that that is a very aggressive and dangerous spicies. (@melaniafuentes/CEN )

Usually, they are shy and avoid human contact but can become aggressive if they feel under threat.