Batty Argie OAP Star Dyes Cute Poodle Blue Like Flag

Story By: Ana Lacasa, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@barbieri_carmen

This is the adorable poodle which had its ears, paws and tail dyed blue by an Argentine actress to match her country’s national flag sparking fury from animal lovers.

Argentinian star Carmen Barbieri, 64, shared photos of her poodle Rey’s new look with her followers on Instagram.

She added a comment to stylist Jona Ardengui, saying: “Thanks for leaving Rey more Argentine than ever! Live the country!!”

Picture Credits: CEN/@barbieri_carmen

Barbieri wanted to give Rey a new look for 25th May when Argentinians celebrate the anniversary of the creation of the country’s First National Government.

She added: “I am not fool. I know that it is too soon, but I wanted to pay tribute to the mother country with the idea of sharing the pics that day. 

“Besides, I also wanted to show how Rey wags his tail when I say: “Viva the mother country.” He is so cute.”

But animal lovers were appalled the actress had chosen to dye her dog’s fur to demonstrate her patriotism.

Netizen ‘marianiitanigro’ said: “I think it’s stupidity! Poor dog”, and ‘adelamallopaz’ agreed: “Is it necessary to paint the dog??? You have the option to modify your look but not the poor puppy. It’s not a toy.”

Barbieri later responded to the criticism, explaining the dye was harmless food colouring and saying she would never hurt her pet.

She said: “It does not hurt animals or kids who eat it on their birthdays. It is something very natural that is removed with water.”

And she share a video of the dye being washed out of Rey’s hair in warm water to prove her point.

Barbieri also revealed she had rescued Rey as a neglected puppy when she spotted him badly injured and covered in mud.

Her son, Federico Bal, 29, defended his mother saying: “If you knew the love and care my mum is giving to all her pets…”

Barbieri is an actress, dancer and stand-up comedian. She was the first winner of Bailando por un Sueno (Dancing for a Dream), the sexy Argentine equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing.