BABY SHARK: Cat Gets Revenge After Shark In Aquarium Bites It On the Nose And Paw

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency:  Newsflash

This is the viral moment a cute cat gets bitten on the paw by a baby shark that it has been teasing.

But the cat named Yuanbao later got revenge for the embarrassment after catching the shark at night and flicking it onto the floor where the dead body could only be recovered by its owner.

The video was shot at Cangzhou which is a prefecture-level city in eastern China’s Hebei province.

Fish bites cat’s paw in aquarium in Cangzhou, China. (659509136/AsiaWire )

The first video shows the cat climbing up towards the aquarium and looking inside.

After deciding that the fish were not a risk, the cat then starts to lap up the water but the baby shark apparently mistaking the cat for feeding time swims over and bites the cat on the nose.

The cat then takes a step back and sizes the fish up once again, taking a few swipes at the shark with its paw but when the cat slips and puts its foot in the water, the shark seizes this opportunity and grabs the cat’s leg.

Fish bites cat’s paw in aquarium in Cangzhou, China. (659509136/AsiaWire )

The moggie then removes itself completely from the fish tank and is left staring balefully at the swimming aquarium dwellers.

However, in the second video, the man filmed the cat’s revenge after it was seen sitting on the floor with the fish that it had apparently caught overnight and which was already dried up and dead by the time the owner arrived.

He shared the video with the message: “The finale. Yuanbao attacked the shark at night. When I saw it this morning, the fish was already hard.”