Baby Boy Drowns After Falling Head First In Bucket Of Water As Mum Cleans House

A baby boy has drowned after falling headfirst into a bucket of water while his mother was cleaning the house.

The nine-month-old tot, named as Henry Pietro Alves Santos, was reportedly left unattended for a moment as he toddled around his home in the municipality of Acreuna in the Brazilian state of Goias on 12th August.

According to the new site G1, his mother, name not disclosed, was cleaning the house at the time and did not see her young son fall into the bucket of water.

Henry Pietro Alves Santos, the nine-months old baby who drowned into a bucket, in Acreuna, Goias in Brazil in August 2021. (Newsflash)

Police chief Adelson Candeo, who is heading the investigation, said: “The mother didn’t notice right away. When she saw him, she panicked.”

The police chief confirmed that the mother was cleaning the house when she left her son alone for a few minutes.

Candeo said that the mother, upon noticing her son was motionless in the bucket of water, did not call the emergency services immediately but instead ran to a neighbour for help in a state of panic.

The bucket in which Henry Pietro Alves Santos, the nine-months old baby drowned in Acreuna, Goias in Brazil in August 2021. (Newsflash)

It is assumed that she first of all removed the toddler from the bucket but this is still being clarified by police. The police spokesperson said that the mother was in shock after the incident and was unable to explain well what happened, adding that they will interview her in the coming days.

The Military Police that were called by the neighbour arrived on the scene and tried to revive the boy. Meanwhile, paramedics from the Mobile Emergency Medical Services (SAMU) were called to the house, however, they could only confirm the boy’s death upon arrival.

The investigation into the tot’s death is ongoing.