Arts Student, 23, Commits Suicide After Online Bullying About Pink Hair

A beautiful young woman was driven to suicide after months of online bullying about her pink hair.

Picture shows Zheng Linghua, 23, from Hangzhou, China, undated. She took her own life. (AsiaWire)

Young Zheng Linghua, from Hangzhou, China, reportedly took her own life on 23rd January after the non-stop online abuse she received after sharing a post of her celebrating getting into college alongside her hospitalised grandfather.

Zheng’s friend announced her tragic death with a social media post on 19th February.

The young woman was so excited about being accepted to the East China Normal University as a student in music education that she shared a snap.

She reportedly could not wait to give the joyous news to her bedridden grandfather – who had been in hospital for months.

The old man had reportedly raised Zheng after she lost her mother when she was just six months old, so she was determined to tell him in person.

But after she posted pictures of herself finally delivering the news to her grandfather at his hospital bed, she unsuspectingly became a target of online trolls who bullied her for having pink dyed hair.

Zheng Linghua, 23, visits her grandfather at hospital in China, undated. She showed him the graduate school admission letter. (AsiaWire)

Many spared no mercy as they likened her to a prostitute.

Others even went as far as to use the pictures to make up rumours about an old man marrying a young girl.

Zheng reportedly tried to fight it off by threatening to sue and continuously speaking out against cyber violence.

She accused social media platforms of not properly dealing with the issue, which she said often leads to victims choosing to end their life.

Some of her bullies reportedly tried to apologise, but Zheng responded in a post, saying: “We should speak carefully online because once you say something bad, it can only be forgiven but not forgotten.”

In July of last year, the young woman was diagnosed with depression, which she temporarily recovered from, but she was soon struggling with it once again.

Picture shows Zheng Linghua, 23, from Hangzhou, China, undated. She took her own life. (AsiaWire)

One of her friends – named Xiao Wei on social media – claimed Zheng appeared to be suicidal on several occasions, and even asked if there was “a way to die without pain”.

Following her death, Xiao Wei said: “I deeply felt her despair and helplessness.

“There seemed to be no effective medicine for her depression, and I could only help her with words.

“I hadn’t contacted her for a few days because I thought she wanted some peace and quiet.

“But I didn’t expect the next call would be from her father, about her funeral.”