Argie Dad Abandons Recently-Adopted African Twins, 6, At Police Station

Story By: Juan Fenandez Mayes,  Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

An Argentine father has reportedly abandoned his two recently-adopted African twin sons at a police station because he had lost interest in his parental duties.

The twins, 6, names not disclosed, were left at a police station for women in Bahia Blanca located in the province of Buenos Aires in eastern Argentina.

Police stations for women are dedicated to cases regarding gender violence, children and family issues.


The twins’ adoptive parents have been identified as Eduardo Rucci and Natacha Perrig who have an 11-year-old biological daughter of their own.

According to local sources, Eduardo drove about 620 miles to his native city of Bahia Blanca from San Martin de Los Andes in Neuquen Province at the foot of the Andes on 17th November when he left the children.

Local newspaper Infobae said the family had moved to the Andean region after returning from a trip to Africa in January of this year. (


The parents are now under investigation by the authorities for possible child abuse and the police are looking into the legality of their adoption.

Infobae said that Rucci arrived at the station holding the boys by their arms refusing to look at them. He told the authorities that he wanted to return the children because he has lost interest in all paternal obligations of taking care, feeding, and educating his kids.

There have been no reports as to why officials at the station allowed him to leave them there.


Rucci posted on social media that this year was special for him and his adopted sons on Father’s Day, celebrated on 20th June in Argentina.

According to local sources, the children did not know they were being dropped off at the station for good as they seemed to wait for their adoptive father to return for a period of time.

They are now being cared for by the local authorities and are said to be healthy and well despite their difficult situation.


Around 500 people have already reached out to offer their help since the news became public.

Locals from San Martin de Los Andes were shocked to hear the news of the abandonment with resident, who did not want to be named, telling Infobae: “If they had financial problems they would have said something.”

“I don’t understand how he left the city with the two kids, travelled 1,500 kilometres and no one asked for papers. He came back without the two kids and there was not a single official complaint or anything.”


Others said they looked like a completely “normal” and “loving” family.

Investigations are ongoing.

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