Lawyer Files Case Saying COVID-19 Was Chinese Creation

Story ByLee Bullen, Sub EditorJoseph Golder, AgencyNewsflash

A lawyer has filed a lawsuit against Chinese president Xi Jinping for allowing COVID-19 to spread.

Lawyer Sudhir Kumar Ahuja, who is based in the north-eastern Indian state of Bihar, filed the complaint on 16th March at a court in the city of Muzaffarpur, according to local media.

The complaint, filed against Chinese president Xi Jinping and ambassador Sun Weidong, alleges that China had been developing COVID-19 behind closed doors before unleashing it on the world and that this was supposedly revealed in a 1981-published book, according to reports.


It also alleges that China allowed the virus to spread globally and the court has granted the lawyer a hearing on 11th April to make his case, according to local media.

Kumar Ahuja told reporters: “A conspiracy has been propagated by China by allowing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on a pandemic scale.

“We have filed a case against Chinese president Xi Jinping and state ambassador Sun Weidong at the Muzaffarpur court.


“I have accused that in 1981 itself a book which was published had claimed that China is secretly creating this (virus) and will be deployed into the world to display its power (sic).”

It is unclear whether the book he references is the one by American author Dean Koontz called ‘The Eyes of Darkness’ from 1981, which references a killer virus called ‘Wuhan-400’ and supposedly predicted the Chinese city where COVID-19 originated.

Kumar Ahuja added: “Due to this epidemic, thousands have died in China and around the world, some have died in India too. Hence I have filed a case against the two of them. The court has scheduled a hearing on 11th April.”

As of 16th March, there have been nearly 175,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 6,705 deaths worldwide.

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