Animal Rights Activists Furious Over Pig Abuse Video

Story By: Kathryn Quinn, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/ Tier im Fokus

Animal rights activists are furious over this footage which shows pigs squealing as they are pulled by their ears and tail in Switzerland amid abuse claims.

The footage filmed by undercover animal activists using hidden cameras from Swiss organisation Tier im Fokus shows how farmers from Beinwil, in the district of Thierstein in the Canton of Solothurn in Switzerland pull the pigs by their ears and tail, leaving them squealing in pain as they throw them into wheelbarrows while the men can be heard shouting at the animals to be quiet.

The animals are seen trying to get out of the way but are brutally manhandled.

Picture Credit: CEN/ Tier im Fokus

Farmer Albert Lindenberger when questioned about his actions said: “It doesn’t hurt the pigs when you pick them up by the ears or tail. Have you never heard a pig squeal. Often the squeals are that of happiness.

Solothurn Vet Doris Buergi saw this differently and had filed charges with police against the farmer.

She said: “It is not allowed to cause animals pain.”

She added: “The problems seems to be the way the animals are loaded into the transporters. We often don’t see that part.

According to local media the farmer has been warned about his treatment of animals before.

Director of a local animal transport company Firma Kuenzler AG aus Richterswil, Philippe Dueggelin said: “We have warned the farmer about how he treats the animals many times.

The company now wants to stop working with the farmer.

Former animal lawyer Antoine Goetschel suspects this is not a one-off situation: “Farmers want to transport their animals quickly, they wants to make money. In many cases they are very rough with the animals.”

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