Angry Commuter KOs Bus Driver With Watermelon

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a fed-up commuter chases down a bus and knocks out the driver with a watermelon because he drove past moments earlier.

Security footage from Han Wangzhi’s Route 13 bus shows the taxi overtaking him in the county of Wenshui, which is in North China’s Shanxi Province, before the front passenger swings open.

Seconds later, the irate passenger Mr Ma storms onto the bus via the front doors and immediately launches into the attack using the watermelon he is carrying in a plastic bag.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

In the CCTV video, he can be seen swinging the big round fruit at the driver, who is sitting just out of camera shot.

The attack continues for about half a minute, with Mr Ma striking Han with his hands and then throwing the watermelon at him a second time, causing it to break and roll out of the plastic bag.

Mr Ma was arrested for assault after the incident and Han was taken to hospital totally unconscious.

He has been hospitalised for some 10 days since the incident at roughly 3:20 pm local time on 19th May.

Han recalled: “I thought the passenger wanted to get on the bus, so opened the doors to let him on. Then he hit me on the head with the watermelon as soon as he got on.

“He said something about me not stopping for him to get on, and then did not stop hitting me.

“After he hit me the first time, I was still conscious and managed to put on the bus’s handbrake. I was driving on a sloped road, so without the handbrake the bus would’ve rolled downhill by itself.

“As I was calling the cops, he began yelling abuse at me and said I would never drive a bus again.

“When he hit me [with the watermelon] the second time, he struck my temple and I passed out. I was defenceless.”

Han woke up the following day in hospital, and doctors told him he was suffering from a concussion.

“I didn’t seen him waving, otherwise I’d have stopped!” he said,

Han’s employers at the Wenshui County Public Transport Group said they are looking at installing protective screens in all their vehicles to ensure driver safety.

Han was charged with a public order offence and detained for 15 days.

It is unclear whether Han plans to take further legal action against the passenger.

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