Anglers Run Away To Avoid Getting Swept Out By Tide

The astonishing video shows the moment a couple of anglers run away to the shore to avoid getting caught up in an incoming tide.

Footage recorded from a building showed the group of fishermen rushing to avoid getting swept away during high tide on the Qiantang River, known for having the world’s largest tidal bore. In the city of Hangzhou, in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang.

The recording further depicts several of the men carrying the fishing rods on their shoulders as they constantly keep turning around to check whether the water is near.

The video has reached an astonishing 274,000 likes and another 566,000 shares. On China’s version of TikTok, Douyin, as of 15th January. It left social media users unable to hold back from commenting.


One user named ‘my little pony’ said: “It looks dangerous but is actually not safe at all.”

Then user ‘Happy but not stupid’ commented: “Why do these waves look like special effects?”

And ‘KeKeKK’ added: “This is great for weight loss if you go back and forth a few more times. Although it doesn’t seem very safe, does it?”