American Gang Of Hired Criminals Busted After Storming Cambodian Dentist’s To Free Jailed Chinese Drug Lord

An American gang of hired criminals has been busted after storming a Cambodian dental practice to free a jailed Chinese drug lord, as can be seen in this footage.

Criminals storm a Siem Reap dentist clinic to free Chinese prisoner in Cambodia, Thursday, Aug. 17, 2023. Police arrested seven suspects. (CEN)

The 8am jailbreak operation happened at the Chum Chenda Clinic located in Ta Phoul village, Svay Dangkum commune, Siem Reap city, on 17th August.

The Chinese drug lord, named as Chen Hsin Han, 45 had claimed he had a toothache. so the prison administration approved him to be taken to a local dental clinic, according to local media,

The footage shows the gang, dressed in black and wearing masks, storming the dentist’s and holding men who appear to be members of the Cambodian military at gunpoint before tying their hands behind their backs.

They can then be seen leading them away as the footage ends.

Chen had been jailed for 52 years for drug trafficking.

Picture shows the released prisoner, undated. Seven people have been arrested for storming at Siem Reap dental clinic to free prisoner in Cambodia. (CEN)

But seven gang members, six of them dual Cambodian-American nationals with US passports and one Chinese-American national, also carrying a US passport, were later arrested.

The gunmen seen in the footage were reportedly Chinese nationals, with Siem Reap city police deputy Chief Lieutenant Colonel Mom Sarin saying: “During the raid, the five gunmen, who are Chinese nationals, pointed their weapons at the officers and handcuffed them.

“After the officers were handcuffed, they freed the prisoner and took him to a waiting Lexus 330 vehicle and fled the scene.”

Police located the vehicle about an hour later and found five handguns with silencers and five sets of gloves.

Chen is still at large, according to reports.

Police are investigating the incident and hope to make more arrests, including the mastermind behind the operation.