Amazing Sculptures Created From Scrap Metal

Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This is the man who makes amazing sculptures from scrap metal.

Vladimir Kanonik is a craftsman originally from the city of Manipal in the Minsk Region in Belarus who makes these artworks from pieces of scrap metal, bolts, screw-nuts and other construction materials.

The craftsman got involved in this type of hobby many years ago as a part-time hobby and has now turned his initial hobby into a full time career in which he is mostly creating the unusual pieces of art to order.

Many of Vladimir Kanonik’s sculptures, which are made from technical repair waste, have been made from scrap metal gathered from subjects they reflect, such as the piece pictured showing a girl at a petrol station which was made from junk leftover while building a petrol station in the Minsk region.


Other spectacular creations include a woman on roller skates, a warrior, a humanoid robot, a huge catfish and a bison among others.

Vladimir said that the sculptures that he creates together with his team, where his son and a few other people are working, are mostly being sold within his homeland.

In regards to getting his works sold abroad, he said: “For this you have to deal with marketing, find a manager and producer for yourself, which is for me too expensive.”


On a trip to Germany he said: “I met with local craftsmen who turned out to have Russian descendants. When I showed them pics of my works on my phone they said that the made-of-metal Pegasus that I created would be worth around 150,000 EUR (127,000 GBP) in their country. I sold it for only 15,000 EUR (12,000 GBP) in Belarus.”

The craftsman added he was sad that this type of art is not being supported in his country by any state schemes such as those in the Netherlands.

He said: “Once I spoke with craftsmen from the Netherlands who told me that if an artist sells his work for, let’s say 1,000 GBP, then the state provides him with the same amount on top. This is because their state and people there are more sensitive to the need to support creativity, while it has almost no interest in our country.”


According to Vladimir, his focus on clients in Belarus may change in the future as he was recently contacted by a German businessmen from Dortmund who offered him an interesting project.

He said: “This man somewhere saw a robot that I made from old cars. He wanted something similar but with different dimensions. Since he sells heavy cars, he wants me to put a metal hulk together that is about 20 metres (65.6 feet) high. In the spring we agreed to meet and discuss all the details. If we agree, I will visit him with the whole team.”

Lots of netizens liked the craftsman’s sculptures saying the man does perfect and unusual work.

‘Lanista’ wrote: “These are some awesome sculptures. Very cool”.

Another one named ‘Marusy0905’ wrote: “Because of this man I’m proud of Belarus. Well done!”.

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