AMAZING ESCAPE: Woman Run Over By Train Escapes Almost Unharmed

This is the incredible moment a woman falls off the platform and lands on the rails just as a train arrives yet she escapes unharmed after her body was shoved out of the way by the front carriage.

The incident happened when the unnamed woman in her 20s was waiting for a train on a platform in the Taiwanese city of Taipei on 14th April.

In the video, the woman can be seen standing beside the track and then walking over towards the train as it starts to pull into the station.

Train passes over woman who fell on tracks in Taipei, Taiwan. (AsiaWire)

But instead of stopping at the edge she carries on and is left briefly standing in the air seconds before plunging onto the tracks, with her body falling across the rails.

The next moment, a train arrives and runs over the place where she was lying in what seems to spell a quick death, yet incredibly, she reportedly emerged unscathed apart from some scratches and bruising after her body was punished forwards and sideways by the train.

According to reports, terrified witnesses reported the case to station staff and firefighters came quickly to the scene expecting the worst – yet to their amazement – were able to rescue the woman alive.

Train passes over woman who fell on tracks in Taipei, Taiwan. (AsiaWire)

The woman was conscious but had only sustained light abrasions and was taken to the hospital for further treatment.

The reason for the fall is still to be determined.

According to local media, the video gained a lot of comments such as one netizen who said: “This girl is really dead, and it is incredible that such a serious accident only resulted in a small scratch.”