Albanian Miss Universe Exposed As Violent Bully

Story By: Angjela Trajkovska, Sub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

A Miss Universe contestant in last Sunday’s competition has been exposed as a violent bully after a video was leaked online that showed her and pals ganging up together to beat up a classmate.

Beautiful blonde Trejsi Sejdini, 18, who was representing Albania in this year’s Miss Universe this years was slammed by netizen for her action.

The video showed a boy being abused verbally by her and others before they launch a violent attack, in which he is beaten to the floor and repeatedly kicked and punched before struggling to his feet and running off.

The video ends with the injured youngster disappearing into the distance with her and others running after him.

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Picture Credits: CEN & CEN/@misstrejsisejdini

The video was reportedly shot in her home city of Elbasan in central Albania when she was still a schoolgirl.

It caused such widespread outrage that Albanian media are now suggesting that she might be stripped of her beauty queen title in which she was allowed to represent the country.

The youngster was reportedly not seriously injured in the incident despite the obvious violence of the attack. The video was shared by the user named ‘kryemadhis’ with the caption: “Miss Universe Albania Trejsi Sejdini bullying and beating up a classmate with her friends.”

A comment was later posted underneath the video that came from an interview she gave to Albania media in which she said: “There is no justification for what I have done and I want to apologise to the whole public and the guy in the video. We also need to consider, I was 13 years old at the time. Children are also surrounded by violence in school, work, streets, families and this violence is something that was learned.

“I was the only one who felt bad for the guy, and the guy bothered us on Facebook. When I see myself, I am ashamed but at least my face is not in the video so I can still be here today [laughs].”

The person then interviewing her reportedly said: “Your so pretty how can you be violent?”

She then replies: “I can’t believe it either [laughs].”

Netizen ‘Matt’ commented: “Omg, she should be disqualified immediately what a monster.”

And ‘rose mcgill’ added: “Animals. No offence to real animals.”

Angjela Trajkovska

I am a journalist and subeditor working for Central European News.

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