AISLE DO HIM: Furious Dwarf Bride Attacks Male Guest Who Kissed Her Groom

A dwarf bride was left in tears after marrying her dream boyfriend when he suddenly started kissing another man at the reception.

A viral video shows influencer “Nene” Vera Angel – who married his partner Mayito Leito – kissing a male guest passionately after the traditional service.

The couple’s relationship attracts a lot of online interest and they have more than a million followers on Facebook.

But the wedding between the unlikely couple took second place when the clearly intoxicated groom suddenly started kissing a male guest.

At first the other guests laugh and cheer, thinking it is only a prank.

But that turns to horror when the kiss becomes more passionate and continues.

At one point, bride Mayito is carried over to stand between the two men, arguing angrily with them.

After the incident, groom Nene apologised to his bride, claiming he was drunk.

He said: “I’m not gay, what happened, happened at a time when I wasn’t in control of my senses because of the great injustice of alcohol (anyone who knows me knows I don’t drink).

“I apologise if this affected anybody’s sensitivity.”

Nene Angel and Mayito Arcentales pose in undated photo. He was kissed by a guest in front of her during his wedding reception and publicaly apologised. (@mayitomaryury/CEN)

Online commentators accused him of ruining his bride’s big day while others said it was a stunt to get more social media followers.