Actress Suffers Horrific Burns During Cupping Therapy

Story By: John FengSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report   

A Chinese actress has shared images showing how a routine cupping therapy session left her with second-degree burns when rubbing alcohol caught fire on her skin.

Deng Sha, who appeared in last year’s most Googled TV show Yanxi Palace, paid for the widespread alternative medicine treatment in China’s capital Beijing after filming on 10th December.

PictureCredit: AsiaWire / Deng Sha

Cupping is a pseudoscientific method thought to draw blood to a local area by placing a cup over the skin and creating suction using a mechanical pump or by burning alcohol.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence to support the practice, it is said to aid in the recovery of overworked muscles.

US multiple gold medallist Michael Phelps was famously pictured with purple circular bruises on his back after receiving the therapy at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

PictureCredit: AsiaWire / Deng Sha

According to 34-year-old Deng’s social media post – liked nearly half a million times – she opted for a form of treatment known as fire cupping.

It involves creating suction in each glass cup by briefly burning an alcohol-soaked cotton ball inside.

Deng reportedly suffered second-degree burns on her right arm and back when the rubbing alcohol dripped into her skin.

Images show her blistered and bleeding skin following the treatment session gone wrong.

PictureCredit: AsiaWire / Deng Sha

She was treated at Beijing Jishuitan Hospital but said she was likely to suffer long-term scarring.

In her post on 14th December, Deng urged members of the public to be careful when undergoing fire cupping.

She wrote: “Tie up your hair so you don’t burn your face if your hair catches fire.

“Stay calm and extinguish the fire using a wet towel, then rinse the affected area under cold water.

“Apply cream to your skin – toothpaste and essential oils don’t work – then take yourself to hospital.”

Deng, whose post did not attempt to dissuade people from trying cupping therapy, said it would take three weeks to recover from her burns, although she is reportedly likely to suffer long-term scarring.

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