Actor Fears Demon Possessed Him During Girls Exorcism

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This popular Latin actor has become a Christian after taking part in an exorcism and claiming that he fears the ‘demon’ possessed him.

Colombian actor Andres Toro Gonzalez, 42, and his mother Luz Marina Gonzalez were recently interviewed by Caracol Television where they spoke about a young girl’s alleged exorcism which marked the actor for the rest of his life.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@andrestoro1

Reports said that the girl was from the city of Bucaramanga in the north-central Colombian department of Santander.

Marina Gonzalez said: “He went to a girl’s exorcism that was carried out by a priest. He went there to help and hold the girl down.”

Pictures Credit: CEN/@andrestoro1

Toro Gonzalez said: “We went to a church which has a self-sustaining community and we visited one of my parent’s friends. They told me to ‘grab one of her legs because if you are here you are here to help’ so I gently grabbed one of her legs.

“This little girl would then suddenly look up and yell. She did not say words, she only yelled. I was holding on to her leg and would look away, scanning the whole room. I was actually really scared, I did not know what was happening.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@andrestoro1

“Then at one point, the little girl lowered her head and when she looked up again, she had the look of a regular everyday girl.”

Marina Gonzalez went on to tell interviewers: “The special thing about this case is that they could not take the demon out of the girl.

Toro Gonzalez felt anguished after the exorcism and told his mother: “I do not know, I think that demon may have entered me.”

After the exorcism, Toro said: “I could not sleep that night because if that exists, I might have brought a bit of that with me that could have seriously affected me.”

Toro went to a Christian retreat after a friend spoke to him about Jesus and he “inexplicably cried uncontrollably”. He also claimed he “stopped saying bad words, which is very weird” for him.

He has become a practising Christian ever since and even turned down roles that went against his beliefs.

Toro Gonzalez found fame on the Colombian series ‘Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso’, Spanish for ‘There Is No Paradise Without Tits’.

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