AH THAT FOALS GOOD: My Tickled Pony Uses Its Horse Sense

This is the blissful moment a New Forest pony gets to the bottom of a niggling itch with the help of a tree trunk.

The footage – filmed by wildlife fan Linda Prigarska – shows one of the National Park’s famous steeds taking advantage of some rough bark.

As the pony rubs its hind flanks across the low-lying trunk and rocks backwards and forwards, the relief is clear on its face.

Telecom sales expert Linda, 34 – who shot the video last year – used her Instagram page to share her wildlife stories with her 1,000-plus followers.

Linda – originally from Latvia – invited her followers to caption the footage.

Architect Lina Viluma commented: “Ohh, that’s the sweet spot.”

Linda also shared videos of another grey pony drinking from one of the forest’s waterways.

New Forest ponies can be seen wandering freely through the countryside and even in the surrounding towns and villages – a unique sight in the UK.

Their grazing of the grass is important to the New Forest landscape, keeping it as open forest and heathland and preventing it from turning to scrubland.

Feeding them is against the law and punishable with a fine of GBP 200. Officials also advise against getting too close to them, as they can kick and bite.

Linda told Newsflash previously: “My love for nature and wildlife has been ingrained into me since my early childhood.

“I spent most of my spare time whilst growing up on my grandparents’ farm in Latvia living in synergy with nature – running barefoot through the beautiful meadows, making flower crowns with my sister, going for wild swims in the ponds and lakes nearby, picking berries and mushrooms in the forest and enjoying sleigh rides in the Baltic winter weather, where the temperatures would drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius or lower.”