CAPSIZED SHIP: Two Fishermen Rescued After Boat Tipped Over By Huge Wave

US Coast Guard surface and aircrews worked together to save two fishermen from a capsized vessel.

The two boaters were reportedly fishing for Mahi, otherwise known as the common dolphinfish, when a swell came over the bow of the 25-foot vessel Vida Azul which made it capsise and tipped the men into the water.

The Coast Guard aircrew successfully located the two, identified as Stephen McGrath, 54, and Tyler Penfield, 25, in the water.

They guided the Coast Guard boat crew to their position, who then pulled them to safety using lines approximately seven miles northeast of San Juan, in Puerto Rico.

They said that despite the treacherous conditions, the two people rescued were well-equipped and holding on to multiple lifejackets and a life ring when rescued.

Lt. Todd Stephens, Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen MH-60T Jayhawk helicopter pilot for the case, was quoted in a statement obtained by Newsflash from the U.S. Coast Guard on 7th January as saying: “This case is a perfect example for how being prepared can save your life.

“The vessel in distress was equipped with a personal locator beacon that led us directly to their location. Additionally, both people had bright orange life jackets that made them very easy to spot from the air after their boat had sunk.”

Image shows the rescue of the two boaters from a capsized vessel, undated photo. The rescue opperation happened in the city of San Juan, in Puerto Rico. (U.S. Coast Guard/Newsflash)

Following the rescue, the boat crew transported the survivors to Coast Guard Base San Juan, where they were released and received by family members.