80 Dogs Starve To Death At Horror Animal Shelter

Story By: Buli Liang, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


Video Credit: AsiaWire

Animal activists have discovered piles of dead dogs in a horror animal shelter after 80 canines starved to death and the 13 survivors ate their rotting carcasses.

According to local media, animal activists from the north-eastern Chinese capital Beijing broke into the Bujuan Shelter to check on the animals after hearing that the owner, identified as Ms. Bujuan, went missing in December.

When they climbed over the fence into the shelter, the activists saw dog carcasses, skeletons and bundles of fur all over the place.

Picture Credits: AsiaWire

Reports said that 80 out of 93 dogs had starved to death.

Meanwhile, the surviving 13 dogs were feeding on the dead animals’ rotting remains, and many carcasses were gnawed down to the bone.

According to local media, activists also found the ‘missing’ Ms. Bujuan living among the squalor, and they forced her on her knees to honour the dogs before making her bury them.

Activists also forced Ms. Bujuan, who opened the shelter in 2013, to write down that she will never rescue strays or keep animals again.

Reports said that she had fallen on hard times and was in financial dire straits.

Working alone at the shelter had taken its toll and Ms. Bujuan slowly disappeared from public life and reportedly lost her mind.

PETA Asia spokesman Keith Guo told Asia Wire: “Millions of cats and dogs flood animal shelters every year in China. If we have a closer look at ‘no-kill’ animal shelters, usually we find cruelty and neglect simply because it’s impossible for the shelters to take good care of the ever increasing number of animals with limited space.

“These 80 dogs in Bujuan Shelter could have been spared the terror, pain, suffering, and perhaps even death if the shelter had focused their efforts on adoption and spay/neuter.

The only real, sustainable, and humane way for communities to end the euthanasia of healthy animals at shelters is by cutting off the supply of homeless animals by promoting adoption and enforcing mandatory spay/neuter legislation.”