60-Year-Old Male Model Who Looks 30 Gets OAP Parking Permit

This is the bizarre moment a 60-year-old male model who looks half his age is brought down to earth by pen pushers in Brazil.

Even though super-sculpted Nil Marino looks barely middle-aged he is in fact eligible for the country’s OAP parking permit.

So when he got the special permit and arrived at his home in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina state, Nil gave in to the inevitability of time and posted it on social media.

His video of the moment notched up eight million views.

As he smiles ruefully at the camera he can be seen pointing at the permit and shrugging.

Nil said that his 60th birthday was on 12th August when he posted a message saying: “Sixty! And the good thing about life is accepting all phases, cycles, joys and sorrows.

Nil Marino, 60, takes off his shirt, undated. Several people commented that he looks half his age. (@nil_marino/Newsflash)

“I want to enjoy my old age, learning to lead a light and unpretentious life, but with big dreams.

“And dreams come true based on the size of our faith.”

Despite his greying hair Nil has barely a wrinkle on his face and has legions of female fans following him online.

One besotted fan wrote: “I will update the ages I’m looking at on Tinder/.”

And another complained: “I’m ageing wrongly.”

Nil Marino, 60, poses in undated photo. When he announced that he is 60 yeas old people commented that he looks half his age. (@nil_marino/Newsflash)

Speaking about his exercise Nil revealed the detailed fitness regime that keeps him in shape.

He revealed: “I only do situps at home, five times a week. Five repetitions of 100. In the afternoon I do strength training also five times a week.

“And I walk, or cycle, every day.”