1K Wuhan Patients In Expo Centre Share Filthy Toilet

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyAsia Wire Report

These images show the cramped conditions of 1,000 coronavirus sufferers being treated at a makeshift hospital with just a single toilet for all of them to share.

As Wuhan in the eastern Chinese province of Hubei builds new hospitals and medical centres to deal with the deadly outbreak, the city’s International Conference & Exhibition Centre has reportedly been turned into a medical hall for patients with mild symptoms.

According to local media, the expo centre is able to hold up to 1,600 beds and the authorities plan to convert 11 similar buildings into ‘shelter hospitals’ for infected patients to cater for up to 10,000 beds.


Reports said that a power cut occurred at the exhibition centre as patients were being moved there from nearby hospitals, and that there is a distinct lack of medical staff and equipment at the moment.

Meals are served in small portions and over 1,000 patients have to share a single toilet that no one has cleaned yet, according to local media.


Meanwhile, patients are being kept in open halls where they are heard constantly coughing and spluttering.

Additionally, patients can be heard coughing one after the other, making it harder for them to sleep and rest and recover from the illness.

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