Age-Gap Couple 21yo Snapped In Bed With Another OAP

Story By: Sofija Dizdarevik, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

The Serbian age-gap couple who recently got married on live TV have reportedly hit a rough patch after the 21-year-old bride was snapped naked in bed with another even older man.

The age-gap couple, who found fame on the Serbian reality show ‘Couples’, married on 7th September, but their ‘honeymoon period’ now appears to be well and truly over.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Parovi TV HAPPY

According to local media, 74-year-old Milojko Bozic is furious about a photo of 21-year-old Milijana appearing naked in bed with an elderly in-law.

The unnamed man, who is reportedly older than Milojko, even attended their highly-publicised wedding last month.

He is also said to be married with children, although Milijana denies having a fling with him.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Parovi TV HAPPY

She said: “The person who posted those photos will be sued. They are selfies I took and I know who I sent the pictures to, and I know who posted them.

“I have seen this man a couple of times, but I have not been in a relationship with him.”

However, during an episode of the second series of ‘Couples’, Milojko was filmed shouting at his new wife: “You can see his head in the photo. He had sex with you.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Parovi TV HAPPY

“This is such a shame, for both of us, me and you. I am your best friend.

“You married me and went to bed with him, this is such a shame.”

Milijana responded: “No, you are wrong. I did not do anything with him. He chased me, I did not chase him.”

The couple appeared on the previous series of ‘Couples’ where Milijana confessed that she had oral sex with 35-year-old married contestant Aleksandar Pozgaj although her husband later forgave her.

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