15-Year-Old Electrocuted By Power Line While Taking Selfie

This is the horror moment a 15-year-old lad is electrocuted while trying to take a selfie on top of a tank wagon.

Schoolboy Muhammed Ali Altundal was seriously injured in the incident in Kirikkale, Turkey, on 6th May.

Muhammed and his pals had gone to Kirikkale Train Station, where they slipped past security guards and entered the area where the freight wagons were parked.

According to local media, Muhammed climbed on top of one of the wagons to take a selfie for a bet.

CCTV footage shows how one of his pals followed him to the top of the wagon.

As Muhammed raised his hand, he was zapped when he touched the high-voltage power line overhead.

The footage shows a burst of light, followed by Muhammed falling off the wagon and onto the ground.

Muhammed was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries after his friends called for an ambulance.

Muhammed Ali Altundal, 15, poses in undated photo. He was electrocuted when he went on top of a freight wagon to take a selfie, in Kirikkale, Turkey, on Saturday, May 6, 2023. (CEN)

He was later transferred to a larger facility in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

The injured lad’s dad, Hidayet Altundal, told local media: “He had a bet with his friends. When his friends said things like ‘you couldn’t do it’, he became determined.

“While he was on the freight wagon and raised his hand, the electricity poured down like a waterfall. During this time, he caught fire and fell to the ground.

“The security guards intervened immediately. But within a few minutes, he was burning.”

At the time of reporting, Muhammed’s life was still in danger. However, his condition was slowly improving.

Hidayet said: “He has been in the hospital here for four days. The doctors said that the risk to his life has decreased. He is currently improving.

“No matter how much we tell them ‘don’t do these kinds of things, don’t engage in risky activities’, unfortunately, children at this age still do things for the adrenaline rush.

Muhammed Ali Altundal, 15, is electrocuted on top of a freight wagon in Kirikkale, Turkey, on Saturday, May 6, 2023. He was trying to take a selfie, he is still in intensive care unit. (CEN)

“Especially to children aged 15 to 18, I always want to say this: there is no need for you to engage in such dangerous tasks.

“You are putting your lives at risk for the sake of taking selfies, sharing pictures on social networks like TikTok, and so on. This incident is truly very sad.

“Muhammed is also experiencing a great deal of regret about it. We don’t want other children to go through this regret either.

“That’s why I am warning all children: please be cautious.

“They don’t have the chance to stay away from social media, but our children don’t need to take dangerous pictures or videos.”