Young Mum Dies Two Weeks After Botched Lip Injections From Instagram Beautician

A young mum has died two weeks after her heart stopped after a botched lip enlargement treatment from an amateur beautician.

Dilber, 28, poses with unidentified child in undated photo. She died after getting lip injections, in Vienna, Austria. (CEN)

The woman, identified only as Dilber from the city of Vienna, Austria, had paid EUR 180 (GBP 157) to get hyaluronic lip fillers from an amateur beauty specialist she met on Instagram.

But after the procedure, the 28-year-old mum of a nine-year-old daughter suddenly began experiencing severe headaches.

Dilber’s husband Murat immediately took her to the Donaustadt hospital, begging medics for days to admit her.

But despite having severely swollen lymph nodes, the doctors refused to hospitalise her, claiming that her condition would improve.

But when her health severely deteriorated, she was finally brought and admitted to the hospital on Friday, 13th October.

However, she died the next day after having suffered heart failure, about 14 days after the botched cosmetic surgery.

Dilber, 28, poses in undated photo. She died after getting lip injections, in Vienna, Austria. (CEN)

Dilber’s family is now accusing the medics in charge of negligence.

The victim’s mother told Austrian media: “We begged the doctor to finally let her in.”

However, Donaustadt Hospital director Lothar Mayerhofer rejected all allegations in a press statement on Thursday, 16th November.

Mayerhofer said: “There are clear indications of a terrible autoimmune disease.

“The patient died during ongoing therapy. We couldn’t do anything for her.”

The director suspected that Dilber’s autoimmune disease was probably caused by the botched cosmetic treatment.

Picture shows Dilber, 28, in the hospital, undated. She died after getting lip injections, in Vienna, Austria. (CEN)

He said: “If there is one lesson to be learned from this tragic course of events, it is that it is dangerous to take amateur medications.”

Donaustadt Hospital’s head physician Regina Katzenschlager said that Dilber had reportedly visited the ‘Instagram beautician’ a second time “while she was already receiving outpatient treatment.”

Dilber and her parents had moved to Vienna from Anatolia, Turkey, when she was seven years old.

She was married to her husband, whom she had her daughter with, for 10 years.

Murat said: “Now the little one has to grow up without her mom, my life was taken away from me!”

The beautician, reportedly an unknown blonde from Slovakia, had disappeared after the incident, claimed media.

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