Young Couple Saves Drowning Tourists Life On Beach

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Video Credit: AsiaWire/@jpkabigting13

This is the incredible moment a young couple performs life-saving CPR on a tourist who hit his head jumping off a paddleboard and started drowning.

The incident took place on the small tourist island of Boracay in central Philippines as Louisa Jasmin Jenkins and her boyfriend Justine Navarra were arriving to the beach at around 5pm.

According to local media, Jenkins, who works as a nurse, noticed an unconscious man being brought to the shore and went over to help.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire & AsiaWire/@jpkabigting13

She said: “I knew it was an emergency and ran to them as I saw he had no signs of life.

Jenkins also said that the man appeared “cyanotic”, which means his skin and lips had turned a bluish colour.

She added: “I performed CPR right away, which was then taken over by my boyfriend on the latter part.”

Footage of the successful resuscitation was shared on Facebook where it has been viewed over 586,000 times. 

In the clip, Jenkins is seen performing CPR on the man before her boyfriend takes over.

A beachgoer who helped to carry the tourist to shore, identified as Kabigting, said that the man jumped off his paddleboard and hit his head.

He then reportedly lost consciousness and started drowning.

Jenkins said that the tourist’s lips were “grey” and that he was not breathing well and had an irregular pulse.

He told local media: “We stopped the CPR when he showed signs of life. He didn’t really gain consciousness which is normal.

“He was breathing and had facial movements and [his] lips turned pink.”

The lucky tourist was then taken to hospital and discharged later that evening, according to reports.

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