WOULD YOU KEN IT? Real Life Ken Says She’s Now A Living Barbie

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency:  Newsflash

A trans TV star who turned herself into a human Ken doll has shown off a new look after a series of cosmetic ops turned her into a stunning beauty.

Brazilian-British celebrity Jessica Alves – formerly known as the Human Ken – has revealed the results of her facial feminisation op in Thailand.

Alves, 38, shared images of her new look on Instagram for her army of 5.2 million followers after flying to Thailand to take advantage of the “the genius Dr Kamol” at the Kamol Cosmetic Hospital in Bangkok.

Jessica Alves, formerly known as Rodrigo the human Ken doll. (@jessicaalvesuk/Newsflash)

The trans influencer said she underwent mentoplasty, a procedure to scrape the bones of the chin and jaw to thin the face.

She revealed she also had work done to lift her eyebrows and lips as well as tune her voice.

Alves said: “Hello everyone, this is my first Instagram story after two weeks of my facial surgery. I had a full facelift and also a lip lift and the doctor reduced my jaw and chin bones to make them thinner.

Jessica Alves, formerly known as Rodrigo the human Ken doll. ( @jessicaalvesuk/Newsflash)

“I’m still swollen and this is not the final result, but you can see that it has changed a lot.

“Also my voice, you can see there is a scar here but my voice hasn’t changed, I’ll be honest.”

On 1st June, she said in an update: “Thank you very much to the genius Dr Kamol and his team alongside the amazing nurses at this hospital @kamolhospital who are just like angels!

Jessica Alves before, as Rodrigo the human Ken doll. ( Newsflash)

“I have huge gratitude, love and respect for each one of you here at this amazing hospital helping us providing the best surgeries and after care making our dreams reality.”

Jessica was born in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo in 1983 to a Brazilian mother and a British father and moved to London when she was 18 to study public relations at the London College of Communication.

Alves first became famous as ‘the human Ken doll’, attracting a huge social media following and global fame.

The presenter and influencer Jessica Alves had her lips contoured in Sao Paulo, this Thursday (16 September). (@jessicaalvesuk/Newsflash)

She was diagnosed with body dysmorphia in 2013. To date, she has undergone more than 100 cosmetic procedures including more than 50 surgeries.

She said: “I’d always felt feminine and when I struggled to be manly with my personality, I decided to make my appearance as masculine as possible instead…

“But no matter how much I looked like Ken, nothing eased the pain of being Barbie inside.”

Jessica Alves, pictured at the hospital with a doctor, shared the results of the facial feminization surgeries performed in Thailand, on 1st June, 2022. (@jessicaalvesuk/Newsflash)

Alves came out as transgender in January 2020 and announced that she was changing her name to Jessica in July, even telling the hosts of the British TV show ‘This Morning’: “I have been developing as a person and as a human being. I was born a transgender woman.”