Woman Killed After Post – Born To Be Free, Not Murdered

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Story By: Pol F, Sub-Editor: Joe Golder, Agency: Newsflash

A young woman supporter of women’s rights has been murdered by her ex after posting “I Was Born To Be Free, Not Murdered” in support of victims of domestic abuse.

The shocking murder of young mother Gabriela Abigail Cruz, 24, was carried out in the city of Sal Salvador de Jujuy, capital of the province of Jujuy, which is located in North West Argentina, on Tuesday (6 October).

At the beginning of September, the 24-year-old had posted that message on her Facebook profile, along with a photo of herself under the filter of the national campaign condemning famous side and gender violence in general, saying “I was born to be free, not murdered.”


She had also written: “We want each other alive, free and without fear”.

But she vanished a short while later without trace and has now turned up murdered, a victim of exactly the same sort of femicide attack that she had condemned in her posting.

After the discovery of her body, the post went viral on the networks and the “Jujuy Al Momento” local newspaper repeated Gabriela’s message.


Police opened an investigation confirmed now that Matias Figueroa, the young woman’s ex-boyfriend, confessed to having murdered her after she was missing for a week.

Her body was found Thursday and an autopsy indicated that she had died of massive head trauma.

According to a reconstruction of what happened and interviews with the boyfriend, it appears that she had left home to go shopping, and had met her ex who was also the father of one of her children while on the way.


The pair then started arguing, and the man had lost his temper and hit her in the head.

The blow killed her and he had then tried to hide the body but eventually confessed.

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