CANINE RUN, CANINE HIDE: Cops Bust Fleeing Drug Dealer With Help Of K9 And Drone

This is the moment a police dog and a drone work in tandem to ensure a drug dealer fleeing a drug den does not get far during a raid by cops.

Crook Leon Smart managed to escape through a bathroom window after realising a former pub he was living in was being raided by police.

Nottinghamshire police officers were carrying out the search warrant at the Old Pear Tree Inn, in Bulwell Lane, in Old Basford, after receiving reports of drug activity.

The 36-year-old man hoped to show the officers a clean pair of heels, but was unable to escape the eye-in-the-sky drone.

This footage was immediately provided to the drone’s operator and it allowed officers to be quickly notified he was escaping.

That was when the police dog came in, and after picking up the scent at the nearby house that the man had run to, the dog was set free and quickly caught up with the on-the-run dealer.

In the end, he jumped on top of a car to escape the dog, and was apprehended without further trouble.

Meanwhile, police found large amounts of cannabis and cocaine inside the pub that they were searching, as well as a large amount of cash that Smart was also carrying and which dropped on the floor when he was arrested.

They also found a taser inside the pub.

Smart, who hails from Deptford in London, was charged with possession with intent to supply of class A and class B drugs and also possession of a prohibited weapon.

Drug dealer, Leon Smart, 36, climbes through a bathroom window and attempts to evade the police, in Old Basford, Nottingham, on Sept. 21, 2021. The suspect was arrested and eventually sentenced to nine years in prison. (Nottinghamshire Police/Newsflash)

He was jailed for nine years when he appealed Nottingham Crown Court on Tuesday (Jan 17) after pleading guilty.

Basford is a northerly suburb of Nottingham in the UK that was first mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086.