Woman Faces Death Sentence For Filming Tot’s Torture

A 27-year-old woman accused of videoing herself performing sex acts on a toddler has been seized by police.

Alexis S. Carrol, 27, poses in undated photo. She was arrested for filming herself performing sexual acts on toddler in the city of Ocala, Florida State, USA. Note: Licensed content. (Marion County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

Suspect Alexis S. Carrol was arrested in Ocala, Florida State, USA, on Tuesday, 4th April after social workers received a tip-off.

Carrol has been charged with capital sexual battery on a child aged under 12, which can carry a death sentence if convicted.

Social workers called in police when they were told of the existence of the sickening film.

Carrol is being held in Marion County Jail on a USD 250,000 (GBP 200,897) bond.

Her first court appearance has been scheduled for 9th May.

Carrol was previously investigated over child sex allegations in March last year while she was living in a bizarre relationship with pervert Zachary Turpin, 28.

Zachary Wayne Turpin, 28, poses in undated photo. Alexis S. Carrol, 27, was living with him in the same house at the time of his arrest in the city of Ocala, Florida State, USA. (Marion County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

She was one of three women who claimed to be owned by Turpin who forced them to go naked and wear dog collars at home to show their low status.

Turpin and the two other women – Annabelle Lagiglia, 26, and Kendra Long, 28 – are awaiting trial accused of the capital sexual battery of his daughter.

She told police her father had sex with her every time she visited and that Long and Lagiglia took part.

According to the girl, all the women walked around naked in the home wearing only dog collars because her dad “owns them”.

Ocala Police Department said in a statement Newsflash obtained: “We take crimes against children very seriously and are committed to investigating all such reports and holding offenders accountable for their actions.

“We will do everything in our power to provide support for victims and bring those who commit heinous acts like this to justice.”