Hapless Nan Lights Fireworks Indoors Thinking They’re Incense

This is the moment an elderly Chinese woman nearly destroys her home after mistaking fireworks for incense.

SCARED SCENTLESS: Hapless Nan Lights Fireworks Indoors Thinking They’re Incense from News X on Vimeo.

Media in Jiangsu Province reported that the hapless OAP used a candle to light the three fireworks inside her home on 15th April.

She had wanted to light incense to burn at the family altar while she prayed for her relatives’ health.

She had run out of her usual incense but had found the sticks, which she believed to be another type of incense, while looking around her home.

After lighting them, she got the fright of her life when they started making loud banging noises and sent sparks flying through the room.

Local media reported that the woman’s grandchildren had bought the pyrotechnics to mark the Chinese New Year.

However, they had ended up leaving them unused at their grandmother’s house before going back home after the festive season passed.

The drama was caught on a security camera installed in case of an emergency and left the family in hysterics when they later saw the footage.

Douyin user ‘Ruifeng Group’ commented: “Grandmother can no longer distinguish between fireworks and incense.

“Children and grandchildren should spend more time with her, instead of installing a surveillance camera.”

And ‘Dongting Lake Old Sparrow’ wrote: “Grandmother: Today I’ll burn some noisy offerings for our ancestors.”