WAKE UP DAD: Cops Warn Father Who Towed Three-Year-Old Wakeboarding Daughter Behind Car

A dad who towed his three-year-old daughter behind his car on a wakeboard through a flooded road has been warned by police.

Astonishing footage of the stunt shows little Zara Ivanova – from Nizhnekamsk, Tatarstan, Russia – with her boots strapped to the board, clutching a tow handle.

As her dad barks out instructions, she crouches while he moves his car forward, picking up speed as they move down the muddy, flooded road.

Then as they move steadily through the water, Zara comes to a halt as she gets stuck on one side of the road before the video ends.

But the clip of the tiny girl being pulled across the puddle caused a stir online and even earned dad Dmytry Ivanov a call from police.

Dmytry, 36, told Newsflash in an interview: “The police called me, I went to the traffic police, wrote an explanatory note, they thought it was unsafe, but this is not an asphalt road, there were no cars there, I use a special winch for my daughter to ride, it’s not just a cable tied to the car.

“She has a helmet, protection, I watch her safety.”

Dmytry has been wakeboarding for seven years and has a wake park in Nizhnekamsk, “where I train even the smallest children up to five years old.”

Zara had been described in Russian media as the world’s youngest wakeboarder.

He told Newsflash: “I started training my daughter Zara from the age of one, at first I rolled her around the house in slippery socks, trained her hands, because wakeboarding requires strong hands.

“Then I put her on the board on the ground and on the sand, and after that she began to train on the water.

“We ride wherever we can find a place and I decided to make a video of this big puddle in our city to attract attention.”

Regarding claims in local media that she had been registered by Guinness World Records as the world’s youngest wakeboarder, Dmytry told Newsflash: “Unfortunately, Guinness left Russia and they no longer register Russian athletes, otherwise I would have registered her.”

On the video of his daughter racking up more than 10,000 views, he said: “Everyone has a different reaction, some were delighted…but others started to wonder what kind of father she has, it’s not safe, because people don’t know and don’t understand that there was preparation for this video, everything is really safe there and we enjoy riding and making videos.”