Viral: Boy Sobs For Ant He Ran Over With Bike

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@maria.i.correa.355

This is the adorable moment a sobbing young boy tells his mum that he ran over a tiny ant with his bike and says “but if it had a family they will not know it is dead”.

The boy’s mother Maria Ivette Correa shared the video on Facebook where it has gone viral with 120,000 shares alongside the message: “Sometimes there are beautiful things in life that show us the tenderness of children and their love for any species, here is a video of my son.”

In the video, filmed in the central Chilean capital Santiago, the young boy, age unknown, is seen tearfully explaining to his mum that he crushed the ant under the wheels of his toy car.

Picture Credit: CEN/@maria.i.correa.355

When she asks “is that why you feel so sorry?” the cute youngster sobbed “it bled and I felt sorry”.

The patient parent then tries to calm down her son and says “maybe it was already dead and you did not realise” and the tearful tot replies “no, it was not dead, it was walking”.

He added: “If it had a family they will not know it is dead.”

The video ends with the mum ruffling her son’s hair and reassuring him that he “did not mean it”.

The video was also shared by the Facebook group ‘SOS Amo a Los Animales Chile’ (‘SOS I love animals Chile’).

Facebook user ‘Nocqueponerwe’ commented: “How beautiful that your child worries about tiny animals. He is so adorable.”