Vic Desperately Fights Off Knifeman In Broad Daylight

Story By: Anastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/MinistryofInternalAffairs

This is the moment a thug repeatedly rams a knife into a man who fights him off on the ground and then sprints away despite being injured.

The dramatic incident in broad daylight was recorded on a security camera and took place in the city of Zelenograd just outside the capital city Moscow in Russia.

In the video, a man can be seen smoking outside a block of flats when another man walks out of the building.

Picture Credit: CEN/MinistryofInternalAffairs

The man smoking then pulls out a knife and rams it into the other man’s chest. The victim tries to sprint away but trips and falls next to a car as the aggressor runs after him.

The thug, reportedly 44 years old but who was not named, repeatedly tries to stab the victim who uses his legs to defend himself on the ground.

The victim, 29, then tries to grab the blade and pulls the thug to the ground before sprinting away.

The aggressor then sprints after the victim who appears to escape as the thug stands by a car. The 29-year-old victim then runs back to grab his phone which had fallen out f his jacket as the aggressor watches on.

Local media report the victim made his way to a police station from where he was taken to a nearby hospital. There are no updates on his condition.

A suspect who has a criminal record has been arrested. Police are currently investigating the motive for the attack and it is unclear if the suspect has been charged.

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