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Uni Pal Arrested As Pretty Activist Kidnapped And Killed

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Picture Credit: CEN/@LopezSanchezYunuen

This pretty social activist has been found dead eight days after being kidnapped and her university classmate has been arrested for her murder.

Yunuen Lopez Sanchez, 24, who was studying Law and was a member of the Global Shapers movement linked with the World Economic Forum, was kidnapped after leaving her house in Michoacan, northern Mexico.

She had left in a red car to meet a friend but went missing. A day after her disappearance, the alleged kidnappers contacted her family demanding a ransom. The family then went to the kidnapping unit of the police to report the case.

Some days later, a man identified as Jose Luis G. was arrested in the town of Atecuaro, when he was allegedly about to take the ransom. Local media report he was a friend and university classmate of the victim.

Picture Credit: CEN/@LopezSanchezYunuen

An anonymous tip-off alerted the cops to the fact there was a bad smell coming from a house in the town of Jesus del Monte, near Morelia, in the northern Mexican state of Michoacan.

Cops went to the scene and found the body of the victim inside which was taken to forensic scientists for analysis.

Martha Sanchez, the victim’s mother, told local media that “our wish is for justice to be done, to punish the person who stole her life, the person who destroyed my life and probably the lives of other people, we want the full law weight of the law to fall on him”. She also asked the authorities to arrest any accomplices.

Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, sent a message of condolence to the family of the victim.

Picture Credit: CEN

The political party Institutional Revolutionary Party (centre) of Michoacan also sent their condolences, wring: “We deeply regret the death of our friend and party member Yunuen Lopez Sanchez (…) we ask for justice for this terrible incident”.

Local media reported that in the first 11 months of 2019, 19,720 investigations into crimes against personal freedom were opened in Mexico, of which 1,231 cases were considered as kidnappings.

The National System of Public Security report 890 femicides are being investigated from the same period.

The investigation is ongoing.

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