Ukrainian FPV Drone Destroys Russian Tank In Huge Blast

These images show Ukrainian forces blowing up a Russian tank with a kamikaze drone near Avdiivka.

The footage shows the Ukrainian drone honing in on its target and hitting it, causing a huge blast.

The images obtained from the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On Tuesday, 12th March, along with a statement saying: “A spectacular destruction of enemy armoured vehicles by a Ukrainian Army unit using an FPV drone in the Avdiivka sector.

“The success lies not in the warhead or the method of ammunition delivery, but in the skill of our operators.

“Work of the 59th Separate Motorised Infantry Brigade named after Yakov Handziuk.”

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that between 24th February 2022 and 13th March 2024. Russia had lost approximately 426,870 personnel, 6,752 tanks, 12,921 armoured combat vehicles, 10,554 artillery units, 1,017 multiple launch rocket systems, 715 air defence systems, 347 warplanes, 325 helicopters, 8,205 drones, 1,919 cruise missiles, 26 warships, 1 submarine, 13,932 motor vehicles and fuel tankers, and 1,699 units of special equipment.

Ukrainian Forces Destroy Russian Tank Worth USD 4.5 million

The White House has announced that about USD 300 million in weapons will be rushed to Ukraine by the Pentagon, utilising cost savings from existing contracts. This replenishment is facilitated under a presidential drawdown authority. Allowing equipment to be sent to Ukraine and then replaced through new contracts.

Ukraine has launched drone attacks on multiple Russian regions for the second consecutive night, officials confirmed on Wednesday. The strikes have resulted in significant damage, including cutting off gas supply lines and affecting power in villages in the Belgorod region. Ukrainian forces have also targeted the town of Shebekino near the Ukraine border.

Ukrainian kamikaze drone destroys Russian tank in huge blast on the frontlines in Avdiivka. In Ukraine in undated footage. The footage released by Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On Tuesday, Mar. 12, 2024. (@landforcesofukraine/Newsflash)

A Russian missile struck two apartment buildings in the central Ukrainian city of Kryvyi Rih. On Tuesday, resulting in three deaths and at least 38 injuries, including 10 children. Serhiy Lysak, governor of Dnipropetrovsk region, reported that the number of casualties, including children, is likely to increase.

French lawmakers have approved a 10-year security accord with Ukraine, despite divisions over President Emmanuel Macron’s policy.

The pact includes commitments to supply arms, train soldiers, and provide up to USD 3 billion in military aid. It passed with 372 votes in favour, 99 against, and 101 abstentions after a tense debate.

Denmark has announced a new military aid package for Ukraine, providing Caesar artillery systems and ammunition worth about DKK 2.3 billion (USD 336.6 million).