Turtle That Pooed 4ft Of Plastic Released Into Ocean

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Newsflash/Mundo Marino

The green sea turtle that was filmed defecating a four-foot strand of plastic waste has been returned to the ocean after successful veterinary treatment.

The green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) was rescued on 17th January by fisherman Roberto Ubieta who found it trapped in his net in the coast of San Clemente del Tuyu in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires.

The fisherman took the turtle to the Mundo Marino Foundation where experts carried out tests and X-rays.

Newsflash/Mundo Marino

Vet Ignacio Pena said the turtle appeared to have unusual objects in its digestive system as well as a congested lung.

Experts treated the sea turtle and on 23rd January it reportedly defecated fragments of nylon bags.

Nearly a month later, on 19th February, the turtle defecated a 1.2-metre (3.9-foot) strand of plastic waste, according to local media.

Newsflash/Mundo Marino

Following a period of rehabilitation, vets said that the turtle had made an excellent recovery and was swimming well in its tank so they agreed to release it back into its natural habitat.

In the video footage, the turtle is seen pooing out plastic waste before undergoing treatment with the vets

In the next scene, Mundo Marino Foundation workers are seen releasing the turtle into the ocean on a busy beach.

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