Turkish Scrap Metal Merchant Chases Runaway Horse And Cart Along Busy Motorway

This is the moment a Turkish scrap metal merchant runs after his horse and cart on a busy motorway after the animal escaped together with a load of scrap metal.

The bizarre scene was filmed on the Ring Road in the district of Yildirim in the north-western Turkish province of Bursa and the footage was shared on 2nd March.

According to the news site Yenicag, the horse somehow escaped from its owner and started running along the busy motorway while still attached to the cart, filled with the junk dealer’s scrap metal.

A horse with a carriage tied to its back escaped from its owner in Bursa, Turkey. (Newsflash)

Some road users tried to block the rampant horse’s route, but it kept changing lanes and continued on its way.

In the footage filmed by the driver of the car behind, the horse is seen galloping along the central lane of the motorway while pulling the cart filled with scrap.

Vehicles pass the horse on both sides and the owner who somehow managed to hitch a lift ahead is seen walking into the middle lane to block the animal’s path.

A horse with a carriage tied to its back escaped from its owner in Bursa, Turkey. (Newsflash)

But the horse suddenly changes lane to avoid the frantic owner, who gives chase and runs behind the cart as it continues along the inside lane.

The footage ends with the owner struggling to keep up with the galloping horse and his scrap metal.

It is unclear what happened after the filmed moments in the video.

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    Lol =) It was as if she was driving somewhere purposefully, even moving exactly in the lane, except without turn signals) I hope no one was injured, the owner was probably in shock

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