TRUCK STOP: Man Smashes Lorry Into Estranged Wife’s House In Divorce Row

This video shows a man smashing a massive truck into his estranged wife’s house.

The footage was shot at the house in the area of 107th Street and Normandie Avenue, in the South Los Angeles Westmont neighbourhood on 15th January.

The woman had already told her neighbours that she was worried for her life as a result of her estranged husband’s threats as they went through a divorce.

And the footage of the attack appeared to back up her concerns as it shows the truck driving into the wall of the house before reversing and then smashing into the car, causing considerable damage to both vehicles.

The house was hit on the bedroom wall and the truck also destroyed the fence of the property, with neighbours who initially turned up to watch the commotion fleeing in concern that they might end up getting run over.

Footage later shows Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on the scene turned up after around 30 minutes.

They reportedly said the delay was because they were under the impression it was a traffic accident rather than a crime.

A man crashes a dump truck into his estranged wife’s home in South Los Angeles, California, USA, and slams into parked cars on the street on Sunday, Jan. 15, 2023. Patricia Dunn, the man’s estranged wife, says they are going through a divorce. (@ja.m43/CEN )

The woman has applied for a restraining order now against her husband, who she confirmed she was going through a divorce with, and that she was terrified for her life.

She added that she was currently not living at home.