Trainee Priest And Nun Quit Church And Became Couple

A trainee priest and a nun have told how they left the Catholic Church and became a couple after falling head over heels in love.

Photo shows Tomas Cam and Massiel Pereyra, undated. They left religious life and started a relationship in Lima, Peru. (@massielpebe/Newsflash)

Former seminarian Tomas Cam and ex-nun Massiel Pereyra – from Peru – had met while they were studying theology.

But it was not until they had given up their religious callings that they met again and fell in love.

Tomas said: “I remember talking at most, I don’t know, three times with her in all those years. I really was super focused on my path.”

He added: “I left the seminary after seven years. She left after six years in the convent.”

Massiel quit the convent first and returned to secular life with Tomas following a year later.

Photo shows Massiel Pereyra, undated. She left religious life and started a relationship with Tomas Cam in Lima, Peru. (@tomascamr/Newsflash)

Then they got in touch on social media, meeting up at the Bridge of Sighs, one of the most romantic places in the Peruvian capital Lima, according to local media.

Tomas explained: “It really started when we started talking. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen those movies where the person is talking and the other person isn’t listening but just watching?

“That’s what happened to me. I loved it. And I just wanted to keep listening.”

They quickly started dating and have been going steady for several months.