Touching Moment Dad Stands Side To Side To Support Disabled Son On Stage

This is the heartwarming moment a little lad with cerebral palsy who stands alone on the stage to make a speech calls to his dad when he topples over – and the proud father then helps him back onto his feet as the boy continues his speech.

The incident happened at the school in Changchun is the capital and largest city of Jilin Province in China where they child was incredibly proud of being asked to do a prepared speech to parents and other students as part of a competition.

But because of his condition, he loses his balance, calling out “dad” in Chinese as he falls, and a second later his dad rushes over and helps his son to his feet, supporting him as he then completes the recital.

The touching display of father-son love made the video go viral, attracting many comments, including praise for the little lad who continued with his recital despite the fall.

Some people said they had tears in their eyes after watching the footage.

A boy with cerebral palsy lost his balance and fell to the stage of a competition in Changchun, Jilin on May 15 2024. The boy didn’t stop with his performance and received warm applause from the audience. (AsiaWire)

Online commentators like ‘Shi Xiaomei’ said: “The child is strong, so the parents will be stronger and the child will move to a better stage.”

And user ‘A Pineapple’ said: “What a great child. I also have two children who are blind. I hope my children will be equally strong.”

While the user ‘Leo Li’ said: “This kind of effort is touching. Some adults are worse than children.”