TOP GUNS: Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter Used In Australian Military Exercise At Sea


This footage shows Australian Defence forces conducting heavy-duty preparations for a military exercise out on open seas.

The exercise – dubbed Sea Raider 2022 – was carried out across the coast of North Queensland, Australia.

Newsflash obtained the footage from the Australian Department of Defence, along with a statement that said: “The exercise certified the Amphibious Ready Unit and saw the Australian Amphibious Force train closely with the Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Adelaide, as well as a beach landing force comprising of infantry, armoured vehicles, aviation and logistics elements optimised for amphibious raids and assaults.”

Australian Defence Force conducts the exercise SEA RAIDER across the coast of North Queensland. in Sept 2022. (Defence Australia/Newsflash )

The Sea Raider is the final set of the 2022 Sea Series and it served as a great opportunity to show the world that the Australian navy is “an amphibious force to be reckoned with” – as the Australian Defence said.

The footage shows military personnel equipping a Tiger helicopter which reportedly provided overwatch, reconnaissance, commentary and, if necessary, precision fires to ensure maximum flexibility for the force during the assault.

Commander Landing Force Colonel Douglas Pashley said: “It’s important for us to demonstrate to allies and friends that we continue to be a credible and reliable partner in the region, remaining committed to maintaining regional security and assisting during humanitarian disasters.”

Squadron Leader Joshua Daish, Amphibious Air Liaison Officer for Royal Australian Air Force added: “In planning, we must assess the terrain, threat and conditions both human and environmental to ensure we have the available assets necessary to support amphibious force lodgement and maritime manoeuvre.”

The exercise established new milestones with the increased integration of live ammunition into previously blank-fire training scenarios and the incorporation of unmanned aerial systems, the Australian Defence said.