ALL AT SEA: Icelandic Coast Guard’s Helicopter Rescues Sick Patient From A Ship

This footage shows Icelandic Coast Guard aircrew rescuing a sick passenger by hoisting him up off a cruise ship.

Newsflash obtained the footage from the Icelandic Coast Guard, along with a statement that said: ” The crew of TF-GRO was called out at 5 o’clock due to the illness on board the passenger ship Ambience.”

The ship was sailing about 160 nautical miles off the Icelandic coast.

The Coast Guard’s helicopter squadron flew out to perform the rescue mission.

After a short struggle from the ship’s captain to get the vessel to move at a slower speed, the helicopter was able to approach it.

The footage shows medical staff onboard the ship rushing the patient placed in a stretcher to be handed over to the aircrew.

Rescuers then move the patient onto a carrier, secure it with ropes and pull him into the chopper.

Icelandic Coast Guard aircrew rescuing a sick passenger on board a cruise ship in Gard Peninsula in the undated video. After the rescue, the ship’s crew was thanked for their cooperation and headed to Reykjavik, Iceland. (Icelandic Coast Guard/Newsflash)

After he is safely boarded inside, rescuers wave the boat crew goodbye and fist-bump each other, seemingly happy that they got the job done and the patient was taken care of.

They reportedly transferred the patient to a hospital in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital.

The captain of the cruise ship had special words for how quickly the rescue operation went and thanked the Coast Guard’s helicopter squadron for their swift response.