Tiny Rescued Orphan Bear Cub Settles Into New Home

Story ByAngjela TrajkovskaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

The adorable fluffy bear cub that was rescued by a family after its mum was apparently killed by hunters is now settling into her new home.

The two-month-old cub named Aida was rescued by the Becar family in the village of Gunjani in Bosnia and Herzegovina and she now lives in the Pionirska dolina zoo in the central capital Sarajevo.

The cub reportedly strayed into the family’s village and at first they thought about it returning it directly to the nearby woods.

Pictures Credit: CEN

The Becars then considered that its mother may have been killed by illegal hunters and they gave the fluffy little cub shelter in their garden.

Sija Becar said: “When we first saw her, she couldn’t walk well and seemed half-starved so I gave her milk.”

Aware that they could not keep Aida, they decided that she had to be taken to a zoo.

Sija added: “We have got used to the baby bear, so it will be difficult for us without her.”

A Pionirska dolina zoo spokesperson said: “Before anything else, we need to check that the cub is healthy. For the first month, she will be closely monitored and then we hope to integrate her.

“The coming days are vital. Our team of vets and zookeepers are working hard to make sure Aida grows into a beautiful and healthy bear.”

According to the zoo, the Becar family called the cute cub Aida and they will respect their decision and keep the name.

Vet Semir Handzic said: “At the moment, she is still a little scared and stressed after all the recent events.”