Teen Boy Playing With Fireworks Blows His Fingers Off

Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder; Agency: Asia Wire Report;


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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

These are the images of a teen boy who has had his hand reduced to a pulp when the fireworks he was playing with exploded as he was holding them.

The disturbing incident occurred in the district of Besut, in northern Malaysia’s Terengganu State when Syafiq Haikal Shaharrudin, 13, was playing around with firecrackers outside his family home.

Official sources said the teenager was playing with the firecrackers when they went off in his right hand.

The boy’s mum, 40-year-old Zainab Mohd, reportedly heard Syafiq screaming in pain and her cousin then ran to tell the poor woman what had happened.

The teenager was taken to Besut Hospital and these gruesome images taken in the hospital show how all five of the boy’s fingers were destroyed in the incident. He also suffered severe damage to his wrist.

He lost all the fingers in the incident but there are no updates on his condition. Local media report that fireworks are labelled “explosive devices” by the Malaysian authorities and anyone found illegally letting them off can be handed a one-month prison sentence or a 100-MYR (19 GBP).

Two brands of smaller fireworks are permitted by the authorities.

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