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Pics shows: Kiril Tereshin suffering from his illness; The Popeye-armed bodybuilder famed for his ridiculously huge arms after injecting oil into them has told followers he is seriously ill after yet more body-boosting injections. Swollen Kiril Tereshin, 21, found online fame after inflating his arms out of proportion with the rest of his body and then embarking on an image makeover including wearing women’s make-up and dyeing his hair bright colours. He claimed he wanted to break world bodybuilding records but now hints he fears his life is nearly over after injecting "synthol" oil into his shoulders. He told social media fans: "That is it, forget about me. I was lying for two days in my bed. I was barely able to stand up after I started 'working' on my shoulders." By "working" he is thought to mean "injecting oil". "My arm got swollen up two times and it was serious blow to my system. I am in pain, my mother is crying. I do not know what to do. All that is left to me is to rely on God. I will lie on my bed and pray to God." There was no further news on his social media account. Earlier it was reported that that he had been mocked as a wannabe princess after his latest photoshoot. Tereshin had posted a picture on his social media profile of himself topless wearing professional women's makeup, a blonde wig and glittery trousers. Tereshin disabled comments on the pic after netizens flooded it with remarks including: "You look like a princess," and "Why did your mother even give birth to you?" He has also said he wanted to transform his appearance even more, writing: "I will double the size of my arms, get D-cup boobs, and as soon as I am done with the upper body, I will go to a plastic surgeon to change my face." Tereshin began bodybuilding after leaving the army and quickly moved on to using synthol oil injections to boost his arm development. His biceps were reported to be 60-centimetres (24-inches) around. Despite his increasingly feminine look, Te

Popeye Bodybuilder Facing Arm Amputations

Story By: Sergey Panashchuk, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News Video Credit: CEN The oddball bodybuilder who developed huge Popeye-like arms by injecting them with synthol oil may face amputation after he fell ill during a video shoot. Kirill Tereshin, 22, dubbed ‘Popeye’ due to his beach ball-like biceps…

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