Surgeons Remove 33-lb Tumour From OAP After 20 Years

Story ByAnastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCentral European News

This is the huge 33-lb tumour doctors have removed from a Russian OAP after she was living with it for 20 years because she did not want to see the doctor as she did not believe in science.

The Russian woman, 80, whose name has not been reported, was rushed for an emergency operation at Domodedovo City Hospital, located just outside the capital city of Moscow after doctors spotted the tumour.

Picture Credit: CEN

Local media report she had been living with the tumour for 20 years but is a strict opponent of scientific medicine and so had not seen a doctor.

Local media report as a cause of the tumour the woman could only eat pureed food as anything else would make her vomit and cause her to have stomach pains.

She moved onto liquid foods like soup and broths as she was becoming constipated.

She finally decided to call the hospital as she started gaining weight while only drinking water and not consuming anything else.

The team of surgeons from the Domodedovo City Hospital removed a tumour weighing 15 kilogrammes (33 lbs).

Hospital chief, Andrey Osipov, said: “The woman was delivered to the hospital with acute intestinal obstruction. Checks showed a giant tumour in the woman’s abdominal cavity.”

Netizen ‘Karabas Barabas’ ironically commented: “This was one fast way to lose 15 kilos.”

And ‘Marina Gor’ added: “This is so unbelievable gross.”

While ‘Afanasiy Sirnbirnstein’ wrote: “Oh boy, this woman had her tumour during the entire 20 years of Putin’s rule over Russia.”

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