Woman Marries Boyfriends Dad After His Wife Dies So Her Partner Can Have A Mum Again

A young woman has claimed in a viral video on TikTok with nearly 10 million views that she married her partner’s father after his wife died so that her “boyfriend could have another mother”.

It is currently unclear where the bizarre incident took place, but it is thought to be somewhere in Indonesia after the information was revealed by the local news site Suara.com

The footage, which at the time of writing had over 8.8 million views and 1.1 million likes on TikTok, shows a young woman, who has not been named, wearing a headscarf with a text caption superimposed on the video.

The girl who married her boyfriend’s father to cheer him up after he lost his mother. ( @ys.amri/Newsflash)

The caption, which is in Indonesian, says, according to Suara: “Doiku’s mother died. Because I didn’t want him to be sad, I married his father so he could have another mother.” Doiku is reportedly the name of her boyfriend-turned-stepson.

The young woman’s confession, which appears to imply that she is now her boyfriend’s stepmother as well as his lover, caused outrage on the social media platform and sparked numerous comments from netizens, with some praising her for her actions while others had a more incredulous or angry tone.