China OAPs Face On Huge Screen For Crossing At Red Light

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This video shows the moment an elderly woman spots her face and personal details have been exposed on a large screen in China she was caught crossing the road when the traffic lights were red.

The pensioner Ren, who was identified by her surname, reportedly stared at the large roadside screen for over a minute, with the real-time images blown up for all to see.

The public-shaming tactic is meant to discourage unlawful behaviour and is currently being trialled in the city of Jieshou in East China’s Anhui Province.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

In the video demonstrating just how well the system will work, precise facial recognition cameras have photographed the woman and displayed her picture and personal details on the screen.

The exposed information includes her surname, gender, a part of her identification number, as well as her full address.

An automated recording can be heard playing on repeat in the background saying: “The light is now red. Please obey traffic laws.”

An unnamed officer with Jieshou Public Security Bureau’s Traffic Police Detachment said: “This is a system designed to catch pedestrians who cross roads during red lights.

“We were calibrating the system when the elderly woman crossed the road during a red light.

“The system captured her and she stared at the big screen for about a minute. She thought it was strange that she was suddenly on the big screen.

“We will of course educate her further.

“The system’s purpose is to assist in the order and management of our urban roads.

“In future, every offender who is captured by the system will also appear on our official social media platform.

“They will be regularly exposed.”

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