Moment Aussie Cops Chase Suspect Across Tennis Courts

Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska,  Agency: Newsflash

This is the moment an Australian police helicopter tracks a reckless driver in a stolen vehicle as he flees on foot across a tennis complex until finally being surrounded by officers in a tree.

Video Credit: Newsflash

The incident took place in the suburb of Como in the city of Perth in the Australian state of Western Australia at around 11.10pm on 4th November.

The Western Australia Police Force posted the footage on Facebook with the message: “Police sighted a stolen black Toyota Hilux travelling on Thelma Street in Como. It is alleged the driver failed to stop for police and accelerated into Murray Street.

The suspect, identified as Dale Adamaszek, 38, continued driving through town and crashed into a wooden bollard outside a school before hit several large rocks.

According to the police, the suspect’s rear tyre burst and he recklessly continued driving through Como, narrowly missing a cop car with its sirens blaring.

The police added: “The man continued to drive at high speed until the vehicle came to a stop against a fence at South Perth Tennis Court. The man didn’t want to play ball, opting to flee across the tennis courts instead.”

He was promptly arrested by pursuing officers.

The suspect surrounded by the police on 4th November in Como, Western Australia. (Newsflash)

The police called it a “tree-mendous result” after the man apparently believed he was safe hiding in the tree.

Adamaszek faces multiple charges including stealing a motor vehicle, failing to comply with a direction to stop, and reckless driving to escape pursuit by police.

The investigation is ongoing.